Earth's Ocean Formation Theory All Wet

Secular scientists have several theories about the formation of the solar system. That's because none of them explain all the data, so they settle on selling us a bill of goods with the "accretion theory". Everything's slow and gradual, and eventually, Earth formed. Then came the oceans.

Secular scientists are disputing the origin of Earth's oceans through assumptions and circular reasoning. A lot of work to ignore evidence that God created everything, and did it recently.
Sunset at Sea, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1899
The assumption was that Earth was a hot blob of stuff that cooled. How did the oceans get here? After all, this planet is seventy percent water, after all. Meteorites brought the water from outer space. Had to be a whole heap of them, too. This is another assumption based on deep time, slow cosmic evolution, and that meteorites have the most pure forms of the original contents of the solar system. Earth is somewhat contaminated by — something else that is assumed. Lots of circular reasoning here, folks.

However, secularists are tearing down the old concept because of meteorite analysis. More assumptions, but the established belief on the formation of oceans is being made to go away. Science as sleight of hand: now you sea it, now you don't. I reckon that it's a lot of effort to deny the evidence of recent creation. Wonder how they'll commence to explaining the possible water oceans on Pluto, way out yonder.
The divination experts see a new vision emerging from meteorites, portending disaster.

If there was ever a coherent theory of how the earth got its oceans, it’s gone. The new reading of meteorites forbids it. Now, inventors of solar system models have to go back to square one. Whatever they come up with is bound to take more heat.

Because the early earth was pictured to be molten with volcanoes going off and meteors hitting repeatedly, cosmogonists were forced into thinking that water arrived later. The ‘late veneer’ theory (which we call the ‘water balloon’ theory) claimed that the oceans were late arrivals, the water being delivered by comets and meteorites after things cooled down a bit.
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