Craziness in Climate Consensus

People keep gnawing on that "global warming" or "global climate change" bone, citing "consensus" as a primary evidence that the subject is deadly serious and that man is the primary culprit. Not hardly! There have been climate changes throughout Earth's history, before human activity could be blamed. Further, although there is some amount of climate change, it is negligible, and the subject is primarily a political tool for globalism, and based on an evolutionary worldview.

Consensus "science", especially in areas of global warming and evolution, is not all it's cracked up to be. More disagreement on global warming is appearing, even in secular science.
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Particles-to-planetologist evolution as well as climate change are fields that proponents declare "settled science", and secularists in the mainstream scientific community get on the prod if someone dares to present contrary evidence. Especially objectionable is when evidence regarding climate change comes from scientists who believe in special creation. There are credentialed scientists who reject the hysteria of global warming as well as evolution, but are met with ridicule or brushed aside (you don't hear much about how the majority of scientists are skeptical of global warming). Secularists unscientifically reject contrary evidence.

The global warming business is heating up, and even caused climatologist Professor Judith Curry to resign over the craziness in climate science. Name-calling and ridicule are wearing thin, and objections to radical global warming are appearing more often among secularists.
It’s still dangerous to challenge Big Science about climate change. In the new political climate, a growing number of voices are willing to take the risk.

The science is settled, we are told, about man-made global warming. Listen, though, to the opening paragraph of “Three questions climate science must answer” on
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