Rejecting an Ancestor of Dinosaurs

More and more, the evolution of dinosaurs paradigm is falling into tohubohu. The evolutionists who disbelieve that dinosaurs evolved into birds must have been smiling at the news that dinosaurs and birds lived at the same time, making it convenient for dinosaurs to eat birds. We also know about dinosaur-to-bird dishonesty in museums. Another bit of news adds additional reason to doubt the age and evolution of dinosaurs.

Ideas of the age and evolution of dinosaurs have a great deal of evidence in opposition. New evidence of a dinosaur living at the same time as its alleged ancestor is making things worse for evolutionists.
Hypothetical reconstruction of Dromomeron romeri, a lagerpetid, Wikimedia Commons / Nobu Tamura
Although there is no actual evidence for dinosaur evolution, the evidence laundering spin cycle launches into high gear when a putative ancestor of dinosaurs is found in the same rock layers are other dinosaurs. Evolutionists tell some mighty fine stories, I'll allow, but they're all based on evolutionary assumptions and circular reasoning, not on actual evidence. Too bad they don't cotton to allowing themselves to even consider a Genesis Flood model from biblical creationists, because it would best explain what is observed. Probably because the Flood models refute uniformitarianism and explain geology in a young Earth framework, as well as affirm that dinosaurs and everything else were created. (Funny how uniformitarian and evolutionary dogma appeals to closed-minded owlhoots.)
Buried in Triassic rock, fossils frozen in time have surprised evolutionary scientists by showing that lagerpetids—animals believed to be dinosaur ancestors—were walking with full-fledged dinosaurs “since the first stages of dinosaur evolution.”

The fossils—two dinosaurs and two non-dinosaurs (the lagerpetids)—were unearthed in southern Brazil’s Carnian Santa Maria Formation. This rock formation is believed by evolutionists to be about 230 million years old. By evolutionary reckoning this Late Triassic find represents one of the earliest appearances of dinosaurs in the fossil record. It is also the earliest appearance of animals believed to be their evolutionary precursors.
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