Inconvenient Facts about Earth's Magnetic Field

Those of us who know that Earth has a magnetic field probably don't think about it every day. Why would you? Out of sight, out of mind. Unless you're a scientist that's paid to do that kind of thing. But it's up there, protecting our joyous wet oblate spheriod from many unpleasant things including cosmic rays, solar flares, carnivorous squid from the planet Kootulu, and more.

"There are no carnivorous squid in space, Cowboy Bob!"

No? Thought I read that somewhere. Oh, well.

Secularists insist that Earth is ancient, but cannot solve the young-Earth-affirming problems of the magnetic field that protects us.
Image credit: NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab
Purveyors of the "deep time" mythology are beleaguered by the numerous difficulties in keeping their ideas plausible. Creationists have shown for a long time that Earth's magnetic field cannot be as old as secularists desire, and a number of rescuing devices have been considered. They still don't work, partly because scientists don't understand the field in the first place, but the biggest part is that Earth was created recently, and not the product of cosmic evolution from billions of years ago. You can read about the field difficulties and weep for the secularists by clicking on "What You Are Not Being Told About Earth’s Magnetic Field". To see an article from 2015 on this subject with the same name, click on "What You’re Not Being Told About Earth’s Magnetic Field".