Arming the Evolutionists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Biblical creation science is a branch of apologetics that presents not only evidence refuting evolution, defeating atheism, and upholding special creation (often referred to as young earth creationism), but includes defense of the Bible itself. There are many apologetics ministries that debunk atheism and give excellent reasons for believing the Bible. However, many of those are soft on recent creation, or worse, reject it altogether. Quite a few of those call themselves old earth creationists, and some OECs are theistic evolutionists. Not all OECs are TEs, but it appears that all TEs are also OECs. You savvy?

Evolutionary "Christians" provide aid comfort and arms to enemies of God
Credit: Morguefile / pedrojperez
These owlhoots are sending a conflicting message: we believe the Bible, but not the first eleven chapters of Genesis, which must be interpreted according to current atheistic views of science. Echoes of Satan's challenge in Genesis 3:1 NIV. Yet these people admit that they take Exodus as historical, how do they get around Exodus 20:11 and 31:17? I reckon that they haven't thought some things through, especially how compromise in Genesis continues through Revelation. For more on this, see "How Should We Interpret Genesis?

Worse, OECs and TEs attack biblical creationists [1], often misrepresenting and even lying about us. And we're supposed to believe that they're really Christians? I have serous doubts about some of them, since they have such a low view of Scripture and act like atheists [2].

In his message "The Primacy of Truth" [3], Dr. John MacArthur said, 
The church of Christ upholds the truth; it doesn't tear the truth down; it doesn't destroy the truth. It doesn't mock the Scripture, nor does it substitute something else for it. It doesn't negotiate divine revelation. The true church has always clung to the truth, always. In the midst of every storm, in the midst of all persecution, in the midst of rejection--whether its enemies attack from the inside or attack from the outside--the true church has always clung to the truth. And thousands through its history have paid the price for the truth rather than compromise it or abandon it. 
For that matter, TEs and OECs often saddle up with atheists to ride for the Darwin brand. Suddenly, those compromising Christians who promote evolution are suddenly brilliant in the minds of atheists — and evolution is a foundation for the deadly religion of atheism [4]. Fran├žois de Larochefoucauld ("Frankie the Rock", as I call him) said, "We hardly find any persons of good sense save those who agree with us". For anti-creationists this can read, "Religious people show some smarts when they believe in evolution, yessiree!" Then they commence to ridiculing us for believing in the virgin birth, the parting of the Red Sea, changing water to wine, the bodily Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and so on. See what happens? To atheists, compromisers are useful idiots! [5]

Many times, anti-creationists will browbeat biblical creationists by saying, essentially, "These religious people believe in evolution, so you should, too!" That'll be the day. Agreement on something does not in itself establish truth, and attempts at shaming and bullying are transparent attempts to manipulate us. I even had someone invoke the Pope, and he was astonished that I reject the Pope's authority.

Two of the professing groups that attack biblical creationists are BioLogos and Hugh Ross' Reasons to Believe. Here are two of the many articles available that confute the "evolutionary creation" of BioLogos and the "progressive creation" of Hugh Ross, respectively: "''Evolutionary creation', round squares, and other nonsense" [6] and "The dubious apologetics of Hugh Ross" [7]. For further analysis of Ross, including both theology and young Earth-affirming science, I recommend Refuting Compromise by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati [8]. Also, I don't cotton to the demeanor of Dr. William Lane Craig [9], either.

On a side note, professing Christian and musician Michael Gungor was in the midst of controversy because of his statements rejecting literal creation. Guess who likes him? Biologos [10]!  Also, this venomous TE also used the Gungor controversy for his own anti-creationist attacks (note the comments from atheists as well) [11]. The TE's screed fueled the fire for an atheist tinhorn who is somehow an expert on theology as well as science [12]. Unfortunately, it gets worse. After denying the foundation for the gospel in Genesis, Gungor has progressed to denying the gospel message itself by ridiculing substitutionary atonement and calling it "murder" [13]. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Gungor declares himself an atheist. After all, evolution makes atheists out of people [14]. Is his decline based on his low view of Scripture, beginning in Genesis? Quite possibly.

Biblical creationists believe that the Bible means what it says, and don't feel the need to get the bit in our teeth and gallop to get excuses and shove in millions of years. The only way to get long ages out of the Bible is to first put them into it. Atheists adore the compromisers, and will use them against Bible-believing Christians. For example, notice how this thread was hijacked by atheists [15] and BioLogos was used against creationists (Ross is mentioned as well), and the thing went entirely off-topic. Interesting that I was named in a later comment, but I have been posting against compromisers for years. Note that there was a complaint, "I note that EVERY expert consulted by the makers of the film already believes in a 'young Earth'". So? It was made to present a biblical creationist point of view. We get the long-age view foisted upon us at every turn. For that matter, we do not see biblical creationists consulted to give an alternative view in evolutionary films. Also, I was given this angry retort on one of my other weblogs:

Note that he used a bit of chronological snobbery by rejecting an older article that was linked [16]. However, the information it contained is still valid, and he ignored the "Further Reading" links at the end of the older article.

Compromisers are passing the ammunition to unbelievers, and acting in a very unchristian manner toward biblical creationists. They need to seriously examine and repent of their disdain for the Word of God that they claim to believe, and for providing arms, aid, and comfort to the enemies of God. The rest of us should not be ashamed of believing and standing for the truth. We have Scripture and science going for us, pard.