Evolutionists Still Mystified by Appendix

Many people have heard that they have appendicitis, so they need to have their appendix surgically removed. Fortunately, it's a common procedure and complications are rare. The thought of emergency surgery of any kind is rather alarming, though, I know the feeling. Darwinists had long designated the appendix as vestigial, a useless remnant from our alleged evolutionary past. This has been a major folly, especially since this very useful organ has been removed for no valid reason.

Credit: Pixabay / sasint
Evolutionists had written off the appendix as useless, so understanding of its usefulness to medical science was hindered by evolutionary thinking. Even so, they have wondered where it came from, and why so many different creatures have one, and why they are not all the same. Predictions from evolutionists have failed many times in this are and others, and the evidence actually shows that living things were designed by the Creator, and are not the product of evolution.
Some mammals have an appendix connected to their cecum—the first section of the large intestine—but others don't. How and when did that once-mysterious organ originate?

Midwestern University Anatomist Heather Smith led an extensive study of 533 mammal species, looking for clues to appendix evolution. Three of the team's scientific observations contradict evolutionary expectations.

This body part bears a wrong reputation as a useless leftover from supposed evolutionary ancestors that once used it. Now science has revealed plenty of valuable activities the appendix performs. It harbors microbes that help the gut recover after traumatic times. Lymphoid tissue also lives there, showing the appendix's integration with the immune system.
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