Evolutionary Clocks Continually Embarrassing

When the hands at the Darwin Ranch at Deception Pass ride into town on payday, a word of advice: don't play cards with them because they stack the deck. Not very well, though. Even more so when it comes to science, because after stacking the deck, they still don't like they hand they're dealt. Case in point, molecular clocks.

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Using their scum-to-scientist evolutionary presuppositions, scientists attempted to calibrate various molecular clocks to give them the long ages they desire. In their attempts to deny the Creator, genetic clocks are embarrassingly bad.
Evolutionists assign millions of years to fossils, and even to genes in the DNA of living creatures, in an attempt to bolster evolutionary theory, which needs the magic of “deep time” to seem plausible. But the supposed ancient clocks they use for these age assignments rarely agree with each other. In other words, the DNA clocks rarely line up with the fossil clocks, despite the fact that both clocks are statistically calibrated by the same evolutionary assumptions.
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