Plants Resistant to Evolutionary Concepts

Charles Darwin had a wagon train-load of ideas that he presented but did not have supporting evidence. As time goes on and science develops, evolution has many scientists offering conjectures, but are not offering credible reasons to accept such concepts. They believe by faith in science of the gaps, that maybe someday evidence will be found. That's not science, pilgrim.

Welwitchia origin flowering plants
Welwitchia credit: Wikimedia Commons / Muriel Gottrop (CC BY-SA 3.0)
One of Papa Darwin's biggest annoyances was the origin of flowering plants. Some evolutionists think they've partially solved the mystery by using circular reasoning and assumptions involving "a rather original gymnosperm called Welwitschia mirabilis". The plant lives in desert conditions and can survive for a thousand years. So, why evolve? Well, maybe to stop being so ugly, but that's just my opinion. Still, no sign of evolution. That's because plants were created and not the product of Darwinian hallucinations.
Another article proves the DAM Law, as evolutionists try to make the best of a bad situation.

The DAM Law states, “any article or paper on the evolution of flowering plants will be accompanied by the phrase, ‘Darwin’s Abominable Mystery’ (DAM).” Science Daily once again proves this law, not only in the body of an article, but in the headline, “Where do flowers come from? Shedding light on Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’.”
In addition to bad science and circular reasoning, the dubious research raises more questions. You can read about this and other botanical bafflers for evolution, by clicking on "Plants Fight Darwin".