Evolutionists Thinking Like Apes

Something that presuppositional apologists point out that, for the sake of discussion, if God did not exist, then we are just bundles of chemicals responding to our impulses. In a similar fashion, if we have orangutans as our evolutionary cousins, why should we trust our brains and their chemical impulses? Papa Darwin himself had some doubts. Some of the material postulated by evolutionists makes me cognate that they have mighty apish minds, and wonder why they haven't been naturally selected away.

Orangutan ape thinking evolution illogical
Credit: Morguefile / kakisky
One thing that has not evolved is the ability to reason, and this is evident by the abominable reasoning presented by evolutionists as "science". Seaweed was partially responsible for our upward evolution, the octopus and squid lost their shells (loss of characteristics is downward, not upward evolution, old son), changes in precipitation affected evolution, and more. 

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Atheistic "reasoning" using question-begging epithets
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