Materialism, Evolutionism, and Morality

Today, we have a couple of related items for you. Materialists are unable to account for a sense of purpose, and have no ultimate foundation for morality. Some believe morality has its source in evolution, but that simply doesn't work. They have two minds, seeking a sense of purpose, but also claiming that "reality" dictates that when we die, that's it. Atheists agree to an arbitrary definition of "reality" as materialism with no God. This concept is based on their own presuppositions — as if they had some kind of right or moral imperative to define reality itself. Seems a mite ironic. Another irony is that anti-creationists need creationists to give them a false sense of purpose, as exhibited in their secularist jihads.

Materialism, Evolutionism, and Morality
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Secularists have been doing some research on areas of the brain to see what lights up (so to speak), and are seeing that those who have a sense of purpose — a large-scale purpose — have happier lives. Biblically, materialism is inconsistent, incoherent, and irrational. Only the biblical worldview (beginning from the very first verse) makes sense of the human condition.
Studies show that having a sense of purpose enhances mental and physical health. The problem for materialists is how to conjure it up out of matter in motion.

New Scientist, the staunchly atheist rag in the UK, is no friend of creation, conservatism, or the Bible. Once in awhile, though, they do have to face reality. Reporter Teal Burrell recently contributed a piece to New Scientist about “A meaning to life: How a sense of purpose can keep you healthy.” Can she get from atoms to purpose?
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From the Irony Board, when secularists complain about lack of morality and ethics in their own ranks, they are appealing to the God they know is real, but are suppressing the truth (Rom. 1:18-23). When an evolutionist lies, cheats, steals, plagiarizes, or whatever else, he or she is being consistent with a professed worldview. After all, the fittest survive, right? They're just trying to survive better.

Using abundant question begging, materialists use their preconceptions of evolution and extrapolate what is seen in nature into applications for human behavior. That's mighty strange, but then, evolutionism is actually a pagan death cult that uses some scientific principles, so a pantheistic approach to the behaviors of critters and various organisms is in keeping with their worldview.

The Bible says that we have all sinned (Rom. 3:23), all deserve death (Rom. 6:23, John 3:18-29, James 1:15), and the remedy is salvation through Jesus Christ (John 3:16-17, Eph. 2:8-9). Those who reject God do not have this hope and ultimate purpose, and find excuses for sinful behaviors based on activities in nature, and the presumption of evolution.
Name a vice, and Darwinians will be there to rationalize it on evolutionary grounds. They claim proud ownership of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Timothy D. Clark preached a fiery sermon to the readers of Nature last week, warning about the alarming rise of dishonesty among scientists. “Too many researchers make up or massage their data,” he says. It’s not a small problem, either. You can almost hear the pounding on the pulpit:
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