Moving the Cosmic Goalposts

The Big Bang and cosmic evolution have many things going for them — on paper. Start with some assumptions, do some calculations, make impressive pronouncements, let the sycophantic science media get the bit in their teeth and gallop to the public. But do not, under any circumstances, let actual science interfere with grandstanding. Evidence is bad medicine for speculations in secular cosmogony and cosmology.

Big Bang and new theory of gravity
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Since observed evidence causes problems for secular cosmogony concepts, secular scientists come up with rescuing devices. Dark matter, dark energy, dark other things that have never been observed but look good for calculations abound, and "explain" why spiral galaxies hold their shape after assumed zillions of years. These things have not been observed, only inferred according to presuppositions (see "Dark Matter Remains Missing"). Another rescuing device is to come up with new physics, and even find a new theory of gravity that makes things all better for the Big Bang. I reckon that this is the fallacy of moving the goalposts on a grand scale. By doing these things, they're tacitly admitting that the Big Bang is wrong. Cowboy up, people! The evidence y'all deny testifies that the universe was created much more recently than you want to believe.
Occasionally we read in the popular press, especially online, that someone has come up with a new theory of gravity. Why is that even necessary if the current theory describing the evolution of the universe is so correct?

The standard ΛCDM big bang cosmology is derived from an application of certain non-biblical boundary conditions to the physics of Einstein’s general relativity theory. But when that was applied to the universe as a whole, two problems developed for the secular model. One is the need to add in dark energy (or the cosmological constant, Λ (Lambda), to Einstein’s field equations) and the other is the need for a significant amount of invisible cold dark matter (CDM).
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