Biochemicals and Evolutionary Rescuing Devices

When evidence does not fit dogmas of fundamentalist evolutionism, the hands at the Darwin Ranch either ignore the problems, or head down into the cellar and fire up the Rescuing Devices Generator™. When smothered in jargon and spoken with authority, fact-denying excuses are accepted by the faithful. We have three more examples of rescuing devices used by evolutionists.

Fossil turtle pigments were found in defiance of evolutionary time
Credit: Pixabay / skeeze
When it comes to soft tissues and biochemicals, those kinds of things cannot exist for millions of Darwin years, but they are found in fossils more and more frequently. Original oil in a fossilized bird gland existing for such a long time? No plausible explanation. Pigments in a turtle fossil, with no evidence of evolution? Make confident assertions that have no basis in science. Fossil pigments that are identifiable? Claim "contamination", and impugn the intelligence and integrity of many other scientists who have made similar findings. No, earth is not ancient, Darwin was wrong. If they discarded their Darwin spectacles and saw reality, they would observe that in the framework that biblical creationists propose, the evidence is not so startling, and there is no need for absurd rescuing devices.
Dozens of technical reports show original biochemistry within the bodies of long-buried fossils, and the reports just keep coming. Three new reports give occasion to reconsider the age assignments for all these fossils. After all, none of them comes with a death-date label. But the biochemicals they harbor resemble timers that should have elapsed long ago unless these fossils were deposited thousands of years ago, not millions.
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