Even Water is Designed!

If you think on it for a spell, you might realize that people who have plentiful water take it for granted. This here planet that our Creator gave us to look after is just over two thirds water. Interesting that we ourselves are also two thirds water. Sure, some of it is mix in with other fluids, but those fluids rely on water to keep us alive. Evolutionists who search for life on other worlds primarily focus on whether or not those places could sustain water, since it is necessary for life.

Water itself was designed by the Master Engineer
Credit: Freeimages / shivani
If y'all don't mind, I'd like to have you to think a bit further. Ever wonder where it came from? I'm not talking about clouds, rivers, and things. Before that. Dumb luck at the alleged cosmic evolution of the solar system? Not hardly! Water has many characteristics, such as its chemical composition, density, surface tension, heat capacity, viscosity, and so on. Even though the logic indicates that water, as well as life itself, was designed by the Master Engineer. Of course. some folks kick at the goads and refuse to admit the truth.
Water, the most abundant compound on earth, perhaps in the solar system, has so many properties that make it truly remarkable especially in regard to making the planet habitable and life possible. Each of the following properties discussed here clearly shows that water is purposefully designed for making the earth habitable. 
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Water is commonly referred to as the matrix of life. Its versatility and peculiar properties make it uniquely suitable for life; it is unrivaled by any other liquid. For this purpose, almost all biochemical reactions take place in water. It is necessary, then, to take a look at the structure of water and how this structure gives rise to the properties of water that make it uniquely suitable for life.
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