Geologic Boundary and Evolution Dispute

The hands at the Darwin Ranch tell stories in the bunkhouse, especially about what they call mass extinctions. Their favorite is the story about how a huge rock fell out of the sky, making the Chicxulub crater and making the dinosaurs and a passel of other critters go extinct some 65 million Darwin years ago. Except for the dinosaurs that managed to evolve into birds, and for some other lucky beasts (yes, evolutionists believe in luck) that went on about their business. I reckon mass extinctions are choosy about who gets to be made extinct, huh?

Genetics and geology disagreements over what evolved when at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary.
Asteroid And Earth image credit: / Idea go
According to secular geologists and their compromising Churchian allies, there is a boundary between these alleged geological periods, the Cretaceous and the Paleogene. Tempers flare and quarreling occurs in the bunkhouse after guzzling pulque, since not all evolutionists believe that birds evolved into dinosaurs. More importantly, there is disagreement between genetic results and geology for what evolved when. I've got news for you, pilgrims, nothing evolved in the goo-to-geologist fashion, because life was created. Recently, too. That's why biblical creation science Genesis Flood models fit the observed data far better than the contrivances of secularists.
Evolution’s speculative story is filled with fanciful tales explaining natural phenomena that are actually best explained by the Bible’s narrative of history. Huge graveyards of fossilized plants and animals are found the world over in water-deposited sandstone, limestone, and shale rocks. Clearly, this is evidence of the global catastrophic deluge recorded in Genesis. To counter this, evolutionists concoct stories based on multiple extinction events to explain changes in the fossils found in strata.
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