Oldest Fossil Microbes?

Remember the big deal in 1996 when it was announced that life was discovered on Mars? Sure you do. It was microbes. Remember how scientists later decided that it was not life after all? Sure you do. No, wait. Bad news for Darwin seldom gets a mention from the secular lapdog media. Well, it seems like people would learn from their mistakes. That'll be the day! They're saddling up and riding for the Darwin brand again.

Supposedly fossilized microbes were dated at 3.465 million years, but many problems exist
Credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
A scientist announced finding fossilized microbes that were dated at 3.465 million years. Kind of precise, don't you think? I'm suspicious. This same scientist resorted to "stasis" as an explanation for allegedly ancient microbes that showed no signs of evolving.


Here, he has to demonstrate that the only explanation for what was found was that it is life, and not something else in nature mimicking live. You savvy? Only the life explanation is allowed. Even if he was right, that he had actual fossils, they were microbes, and very old, then he runs into other very serious problems based on evolutionary dogma. Of course, evolutionists can change their stories when facts intrude and narratives conflict. Biblical creationists cannot change the truth. We don't have to, because the truth of creation and a young earth is on our side from the get-go.
Are these fossils 3.465 billion years old? Are they even fossils? Serious questions need to be asked when the news gets excited about world records for oldest life on Earth.
Dr William Schopf has made a career out of looking for the oldest microfossils on Earth. We saw him making other evolutionists worry about extreme stasis that must have been true for some of his fossils, given the dates (6/30/15). Earlier that year, he mumbled and fumbled about the need to explain the lack of evolution in his fossils. He decided that if organisms stay the same, evolution is true, or if they evolve quickly, then evolution is true—a retreat into the Stuff Happens Law. Last year, he reported remains of proteins from Precambrian rocks in the Gunflint Chert in Canada. Now, he is reporting the world’s oldest microfossils at 3.465 billion years old from the Apex Chert in Australia (Science Daily). Apparently Darwin Years, constructed as they are out of silly putty, can be specified to four significant figures.
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