Male Health and Genetic Entropy

Adherents of universal common ancestor evolution rely on atheistic interpretations of scientific facts, and they have a special fondness for geoscience. Evolutionists need the earth to be ancient, so secular geologists and paleontologists give Darwin the long ages he needs to perform his miracles. Many evidences for a young earth, using secularist methods, are largely ignored. One of these evidences for a recent creation is in biology. Specifically, genetics.

Genetic entropy is more pronounced in males, and humans cannot be as old as Darwinists want to believe
Credit: National Human Genome Research Institute
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Evolutionists are enamored with studying fruit flies, since they can induce mutations and variations (but cannot get anything other than freaky fruit flies). The science around mutations in fruit flies also applies to humans. Specifically, the Y chromosome in human males. Yes, really. Males have the a Y chromosome, and females have two X chromosomes. There's more possibility of damage (mutations) being passed along to further generations, despite the best efforts of our inner DNA repair mechanisms. Males have more health problems than females, and at the rate of genetic entropy that can be observed, humans cannot be as old as Darwinists want to believe. Biblical creationists have been saying for years that Adam and Eve were genetically perfect at their creation, and when sin entered creation, the downward slide began.
A good example about how much we do not know about the chromosomes is admitted in an article in Science Daily that proclaimed:
Decoding Y chromosomes is difficult even with latest sequencing technologies. The question [of] which genes lie on the chromosome and where they came from is hotly debated.
The authors then claim that “genetic material in fruit flies is often transferred to the Y chromosome from other chromosomes. Although largely a result of ‘accidents’, some of these transfers create functional genes.”
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