Jurassic Coast Propaganda Playground Fails

Several places around the globe have interesting geological features, and are used as icons for deep time and Darwinism. As expected, they give a slanted view of what is seen, but leave out important information. A nice patch of land in England has been named the Jurassic Coast, and is rife with secular propaganda (as well as some fabulous scenery). Looks like a great place for a stroll.

England's "Jurassic Coast" is rife with secular propaganda for deep time but the facts support the global Genesis Flood
Jurassic Coast, Dorset; Pixabay / Roman Grac
The secular view of uniformitarian geology is heavily promoted, but does not explain the features. Some problems are the erosion layers, rate of cliff retreat, planation surfaces, and more. The evidence is best explained by the Genesis Flood, including the presence of fossils, which require rapid burial. Watch for evolutionary and deep time propaganda, old son. They are not giving you all the facts, nor the most reasonable explanation. Secularists need to cowboy up and realize that the world was created recently, and that's why all their speculations don't hold up to scrutiny.
Numerous geological sites across the world present the story of evolution, uniformitarianism, and rocks millions of years old. One popular site is the Jurassic Coast in southwest England, where millions of people a year visit and take a ‘185 million year walk through time’.1 However, the discerning tourist can readily see another interpretation from the rocks and fossils, namely evidence of rapid burial through many conformable (continuously deposited) sedimentary layers, which is far better explained by the Genesis Flood.
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