Fisher's Theorem Reversed

First, a note of explanation. As we have seen in many examples, quite a few people refer to simple changes as "evolution", attempting to conflate variation with universal common ancestor evolution, as popularized by Charles Darwin. I have learned from other biblical creationists to specify those differences in terminology, so you will often see the word Darwinism on this site. Although most scientists have abandoned evolution into more advanced life forms alone as Darwin taught, people know what we're talking about when saying Darwinism. Also, it's a mite less tedious than saying some of the other synonyms, such as neo-Darwinian synthesis.

The synthesis thing is where neo-Darwinism happens. Darwin was largely ignorant of the research on genetics by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him), and his philosophies were beginning to flounder in the early 20th century. Along came eugenicist, racist, and mathematician R. A. Fisher to the rescue. He formulated a theorem to mathematically prove evolution by assuming evolution, and then calculated with mutation rates. Fisher's Theorem and it's convoluted Lügenmärchen corollary became icons of molecules-to-mathematician evolution.

Mendel and genetics almost destroyed Darwinism, but Fisher's Theorem was used to rescue evolutionism.
Modified postage stamp of Gregor Mendel
The theorem was flawed from the outset but looked good, especially with its hubris about projecting into the future with limited scientific knowledge. More recently, the paper was retooled with new factors and information, and the reformulated version is mathematically proven. Problem is, the repaired version is devastating to Fisher's original goal, and actually works the opposite way. All the fancy footwork and doublespeak from secularists cannot overturn the truth: Darwin and company were wrong, life was created, it did not evolve.
Fisher described his theorem as “fundamental,” because he believed he had discovered a mathematical proof for Darwinian evolution. He described his theorem as equivalent to a universal natural law – on the same level as the second law of thermodynamics.  Fisher’s self-proclaimed new law of nature was that populations will always increase in fitness – without limit, as long as there is any genetic variation in the population. Therefore evolution is like gravity – a simple mathematical certainly. Over the years, a vast number of students of biology have been taught this mantra – Fisher’s Theorem proves that evolution is a mathematical certainty.
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