Secularists Forced to Admit Saturn's Rings are Young

Deep time proponents have a terrible time dealing with facts that do not fit their fundamentally flawed worldview, especially when it comes to celestial objects. One problem is the presence of oxygen in a comet's atmosphere, but never mind about that now. (Some may think that the interstellar asteroid ╩╗Oumuamua is devastating to biblical creation science, but it is actually rather unimpressive.) Secularists circle the wagons of excuses to protect their views, but they only end up looking foolish when denying the evidence in front of them.

Secular scientists have to admit rings of Saturn are young
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute
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Many objects in our own solar system don't "act their age" according to secular views, and even contradict prevailing views of the solar system's cosmic evolution. The battle raged for years over Saturn's rings. Evidence would indicate that they cannot be ancient, so atheistic magic would be used to conjure up rescuing devices. That cycle would be repeated. Now, they have to admit that the rings are young. If they faced the fact that the universe was created recently, they would not have to go through all that hokum. Yippie ky yay, secularists!
There’s no stretching the truth any more. Cassini data have led all the ringmasters to the conclusion that the rings of Saturn are not billions of years old.
For over 15 years, Creation-Evolution Headlines has reported the tug-of-war between planetary scientists on the age of Saturn’s rings. Indications that the rings are much younger than Saturn’s assumed age (4.5 billion years) go back to the Voyager missions. Several lines of evidence pointed to youth, but planetary scientists tugged back at the evidence, inventing ways to keep the rings billions of years old. Now, they have given up. Reality won the match: the rings are young!
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