Evolutionists Making Things Up to Explain Everything — and Nothing

Plesiosaur and other fossils are used to explain evolution, but no evidence is given
Many evolutionary scientists have become so entrenched in their paradigm, they become fanatical in their efforts to use Darwinism as an explanation for practically everything. Their observations are filtered through their Darwin spectacles, and they "see" things that do not actually exist. They use circular reasoning to prove evolution by assuming it despite lack of evidence.

An example of the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ is when respond to reports of UFOs defying the laws of physics, such as sudden turns that would destroy any occupants, biological or mechanical. "Well, they're aliens, so they can do that". Such question-begging is based on the assumption that the UFO is of extraterrestrial origin in the first place, as well as the assumption that other life forms can survive such a thing. Evidence, please? Also, UFO enthusiasts (and other people who are just plain interested) should see Alien Intrusion.

When examining fossils, there is a big difference between what is observed and the story that is conjured. Evolution is malleable, shaped to fit whatever is needed for the narrative. Such an all-purpose "theory" that is used to explain practically everything is rendered worthless by its clutter. Indeed, lack of evolution is even used as evidence to support evolution!

A plesiosaur was discovered to be "older" than expected, so evolutionary storytelling is used to call it a "masterpiece of evolution". (Animism for evolution again, as well as teleology; evolution does not design anything, nor does it have a purpose.) The story about giant tortoises was conveniently changed. Likewise, a very large penguin fossil was attributed to evolution. 

Of course, it was all through speculation and assertion (and again, circular reasoning) to conjure up evolutionary stories. Evolution's True Believers™ listen to such stories with awe and admiration, thinking scientists are so much more intelligent than regular folks. Then they troll the web with unsubstantiated stories so they can slap leather with biblical creationists. Sorry, old son, you're shooting blanks. Lots of empty prattle to get that grant money, but denying the Creator is folly that will never be justified.

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