Abortion, Abolition, and Creation

This post will have two parts, the first one is a link to an article, and second is a link to a video on an important related topic.

Regular readers may have noticed my conservative approach to theology, and biblical creation science seems to attract those of us who believe the Bible without compromise. In addition, my pro-life views have been made plain here several times. Once again, it seems that biblical creationists are pro-life as a whole; I have never encountered or read a biblical creationist who approves of abortion.

Credit: RGBstock / Jean Scheijen
In my activities online and in the physical world, I have noticed that there are few atheists who oppose abortion. This seems contradictory. After all, they believe that this life is all we have, make the most of it, pass along your genes (according to evolutionary thinking), then push up the daisies. It seems like they would fight for life everywhere. Unfortunately, atheists generally oppose the sanctity of marriage and promote things that are instituted by God.

We are not the product of molecules-to-mother evolution, old son. Creationists get to the heart of the matter, not only citing Bible verses to support our position on life, but explaining that life is sacred. Indeed, we are created in God's image, and he doesn't cotton to people killing the helpless. Further, the logical conclusion from medical science and logical thinking matches what Bible believers proclaim: life begins at conception.
Abortion is not simply an issue of empirical science because scientists cannot answer the question of precisely when human life begins. Abortion is a battle between worldviews. A prime component of these worldviews is whether or not one holds to the authority of Scripture. To be fair, some evolutionists may be pro-life. However, the implications of an evolutionary worldview lead to the devaluing of human life, whereas the implications of biblical creation uphold the sanctity of human life, even in the womb. What people believe about origins will influence their answers to the following questions related to the issue of abortion: Who is man? What is the purpose of death? Who determines right from wrong?
To read the rest, click on "Abortion and the Origins Debate". Also important, but with a focus on the American leftists, is "Sanitizing Genocide: Media Still Excuses Abortion"I hope you will also return for additional information, below.

Howdy, and welcome back. This next section is for Christians who oppose abortion.

There is a group known as Abolish Human Abortion. You may have seen them in protests, holding up signs with graphic photos of aborted babies, "church repent" signs, and their stylized AHA logo. Also, you can easily find them in various places on the web. There are several — I don't know what to call them — units, maybe (it is not a formal organization) in many locations. 

I have had encounters with AHA supporters. Although they claim to be Christians, they are very sanctimonious. I have been told, and read of other being told, that if you do not want to abolish abortion their way, right away, then you do not care about abortion at all, or are not even a Christian. I remember on Facebook Page that was supposedly about Christian apologetics, but gives a great deal of space to graphic AHA material. They also negated observances of tragedies with multiple killings with saying, in effect, "Yeah, but abortion is worse!" AHA supporters equate their purpose with the gospel. Not hardly! The gospel message is rather different.

Below is a link to a video by Dr. James White about remarks by Russell Hunter of AHA. It is supposed to start at 57 minutes at 15 seconds into the episode of The Dividing Line, so if it doesn't go there, you know where to skip ahead. The ranting is bad enough, but Hunter's quiet and reasonable-sounding presentation later on is, to be blunt, insidious. It's rather long, but worth seeing. To do so, click here.

Human abortion is evil, and the biblical creation worldview is the most consistent in opposing it. An evolutionary perspective is incomplete at best, and an atheistic perspective completely devalues human life.