The Origin of Life is a Faith Question

In a previous installment, we looked at how astronomers working on the first light of the so-called cosmic dawn. They used a number of assumptions as well as observational evidence to plug into their model; cosmology itself is not real science. Likewise, when folks commence to saddling up and riding the trail of the origin of life question, there are many presuppositions that are not actually scientific.

We can apply scientific ideas, but ultimately, the question of OoL is faith-based
Credit: Pixabay / Roy Buri
Just as no human was there to see the origin of the universe and take notes, no human observed the origin of life — both are historical events. We can attempt to put scientific methods to the process, but we want to know the origin of life, the possibilities are very limited. Indeed, abiogenesis has many insurmountable problems.There are only a few possibilities to consider involving the origin of life.. Secularists use materialistic presuppositions that are based on faith and apply evolutionary ideas. Likewise, biblical creationists presuppose the existence of the Creator who told us what went on in his written Word.
The Origin of Life: What Are the Possibilities?
The origin of life has been debated for a long time. Basically, there are four possible explanations for the existence of life on earth:
  1. Life on earth arose spontaneously.
  2. Life on earth has always existed.
  3. Life on earth came about through a supernatural act of creation by an intelligent Being.
  4. Life was seeded from space.
The Application of Science to the Question
Science is supposed to be about things that are observable. That is, science can probe only things that we can detect with our five senses. Science also must be repeatable. This means that when an experiment or observation is repeated, we get the same results. These restrictions on science have led to what we call the scientific method, the general rules that we follow in doing science. The scientific investigation of the origin of life presents us with at least two problems. First, since life began before people were around, we hardly can observe the process. Second, since the origin of life appears to have been a unique event, we hardly can repeat it.
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