Surprising Inspirations for Biomimetics

The word serendipitous sometimes refers to a happy circumstance, or simply being in the right place at the right time. Several instances of biomimetics have occurred when a creature or organism was doing what it does, and someone wanted to know, "How does it do that?", or mayhaps, "We should try to imitate this feature".

Our Creator has given us minds to observe and develop applications from nature
Credit: Freeimages / Aleph Ozuas (cropped)
I have to admit that the article linked below is something I put off. That is because I didn't want to bring up another critter that might prompt some people say, "Ewww!" In this case, the much-maligned earwig is our first example. I'll allow that this insect is rather startling in appearance, and it is a pest for some folks. No, the story about it burrowing into your ear is a prairie patty. The interesting part is the way they fold their wings like they were doing origami, but more intricate. Engineers foresee biomedical applications, spacecraft modules, and other possibilities. 

Next, we look at maple seeds. You know, those slightly curved things that, as kids, many of us would toss into the air by the handful and watch them spin down like little helicopters. Good times. I still like to watch them fall or get taken by the wind. Anyway, scientists are considering drawing from the design of the seeds so the descent of instrument packages can be slowed. I wonder if they'll combine earwig origami with maple seed designs?

Then we have skin. The protein fibronectin is in fetal tissue, and it helps the developing child have skin that is free from wounds. A dressing made with this substance is being tested on wounds received on the battlefield, and the healing results are promising. Both this and a soy-based fiber method may be helpful for wounded soldiers and for burn victims.

Yet again, we see that our Creator has given us many things in nature from which we can draw inspiration. He has also given us minds to be able to develop many applications through biomimetics. Unfortunately, secularists do not give proper credit, preferring instead to refer to mystical forces of "nature", and give praise to Darwin, blessed be! Even so, God still provides common grace to believers and to those ingrates who reject him.

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