Denisovans Further Thwart Human Evolution

Those mysterious Denisovans did not leave us much to examine,  not so much as a weblog post. With advances in science and technology, however, their DNA has been examined. The DNA of other people groups has been examined, and Denisovan material has been found in Tibet, Papua New Guinea, and other places. Quite the travelers! Like their cousins the Neanderthals, Denisovans were fully human.


Denisovans throw a monkey wrench into human evolution speculations because of not only their travels, but because the secular timeline has significant overlap. Try as they might, Darwin's faithful cannot evosplain away the facts that affirm recent creation and refute long-ages and evolution.
Denisovans are ancient humans represented by various teeth and a finger bone found in a Siberian cave. Their claim to fame is largely based on the DNA extracted from these few fragments of human remains. According to evolutionists, they are more closely related to Neanderthals than modern humans. But their DNA is essentially human, and people all over the world today carry many of the same gene variants found in Denisovans.
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