Evolution Unhelpful in Medical Science

When discussing origins, adherents of universal common ancestor evolution will invariably claim that their belief system is essential to science. They tend to get on the prod when we disagree with the expression, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution", and get even angrier when we show that it is false

Evolution is actually unimportant, and even harmful, to medical science
Credit: Pixabay / Ernesto Eslava
Medical science does not need evolution. When my ophthalmologist checked my eye for a suspected detached retina (it was fine), evolution was not the guiding principle in his diagnosis and treatment. My MD had me get lab work, and she adjusted my hypertension medication, then checked my A1c level (still under control). Evolution had nothing to do with it.

Evolutionary thinking hinders medical science. Take a look at how "vestigial structures" have been written off because of evolution, only to be demonstrated to have importance after all. Then we have the humiliation of "junk" DNA.

"But Cowboy Bob, antibiotic resistance proves evolution, and medicine needs to know it!" That hoary canard of antibiotic resistance and evolution is false


Despite the vacuous proclamations by owlhoots like Bill Nye, C. Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and others, evolution is not essential to science. Such a worldview hinders scientific progress. Sure, some folks are decrying that evolution is not taught enough in medical school. Those are sidewinders trying to justify their phony-baloney jobs. In reality, a creationary worldview is important to medical science, despite the protestations of Darwin's disciples.
Despite the wide acceptance of evolutionary beliefs among mainstream scientists, many physicians—whether they accept evolution or not—find evolutionary claims neither relevant nor useful. And the distinction is not due to a deficit of educational attainment: a medical degree is as much a doctoral degree in science as a PhD in the U.S. (and many other countries). Some claim that physicians would be better doctors if they understood evolution better, but many disagree.
Evolution is not emphasized in most medical schools. Medical educators have a great deal to teach to budding physicians in a short time. The least important topic is evolution. 
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