"Genesis: Paradise Lost" Movie Review

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

The idea of making Genesis: Paradise Lost dates back ten years. It began in 2007 when Eric Hovind of Creation Today had a discussion with Ralph Strean, who would later become the director and a producer. They wanted to reach younger people with the truth of the gospel and its foundation in creation. After years of writing, CGI work, filming, and fund raisers, the project was completed and released in cinemas for one-night showings on November 13, 16, and December 11, 2017. Now it is available for the rest of us. This is the first part of a proposed trilogy, and is focused on the opening chapter of Genesis.

The movie Genesis: Paradise Lost i takes a unique approach to presenting the truth of Genesis
Image courtesy of Creation Today
"Did you say fundraisers, Cowboy Bob?"

Yes, yes I did. After all, they don't have a $200-400 million USD budget like secular film studios have.The internet and its surly kid brother (social media) are conducive to many activities, including this kind. Several sites are established for these purposes. (For that matter, Dr. G. Charles Jackson, who is a speaker in this movie, has one going for a project called Quantum, which is a biblical creation science alternative to evolutionary propaganda.) Crowdfunding for all sorts of things is becoming increasingly popular.

The final title of Genesis: Paradise Lost was decided late in the process. If you've noticed, the web site is Genesis Movie, which I believe was the original title, and then it was going to be called Genesis 3D to emphasize the graphics. However, most people would not be able to see it in 3D outside of select cinemas. People can still watch it in that format if they have a Blu-ray 3D player, get the Blu-ray 3D disc, and have a current-model television. I watched it a standard format.

Making the movie in 3D was a major part of getting people interested in watching it. After all, CGI is dominant in the film industry nowadays because that's what people want. The production crew went to great lengths in making scenes of the creation and the early earth visually appealing. They also wanted to stay true to the Bible. Since there are not many details given in the Bible, some artistic license was necessary, but constrained by not violating scriptural principles.

Genesis: Paradise Lost is not just a special effects fest. Not hardly! There are several reasons that this movie takes a unique approach to presenting the truth of Genesis. We begin viewing a map of sorts, and Voddie Baucham begins his narration. (Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and others are good, but I wouldn't trade Voddie for either.) The view zooms in on Eden while we hear Pastor Baucham saying, "...until we go back to the beginning". At this point, we're seeing the CGI early earth and some brief credits.

Then, we are in Answers in Genesis' Creation Museum to listen to some of the dozen or so speakers, including scientists, educators, theologians, and so on. This happens very quickly, in a sentence or two (sometimes they cut to another speaker who continues the same thought). Then we are returned to the graphics and narration.

It is interesting that a newer approach was taken in speaking parts: not looking at the camera. Different angles are used, but I didn't notice anyone talking to the camera. I have seen this used with increasing frequency, though not as extensively as it was here. I thought this approach added something to the film.

Each narration and CGI segment covers a section of Genesis 1, then we are returned to the discussions. While there is science and theology, we are not overwhelmed with technical lingo. We are given the creationary interpretation of scientific evidence, and shown how Darwinian interpretations do not withstand scrutiny. 

Yes, we hear about dinosaurs, and get some excellent graphics involving them. Atheists and other evolutionists object to this concept, unwilling to set aside their materialistic presuppositions and tolerate creationists making presentations from the biblical perspective. The Bible describes dinosaurs, and they were made on Day Six. Some of us are not going to compromise the plain reading of Scripture in favor of atheistic interpretations of science.

Biblical kinds and natural selection are discussed, and how there is no observable science for Darwinian evolution. Natural selection is a limiting factor for what is already in existence, not a cause for vertical change into something else. After all, God did not say, "Go ye and change into something else", but instead, see Genesis 1:24-25.

Our alleged evolutionary ancestors such as Lucy the extinct ape are discussed in a bit more detail. As regular readers of this site have seen, Neanderthals are demonstrated to be fully human. When examined, the human evolution timeline and evidence is absurd even on the surface. I thought Dr. G. Charles Jackson had an excellent remark about the lack of speaking ability of monkeys: "They have the hardware, they just don't have the software drivers to actually talk".

When we reach the segment on the creation of man, I found the graphics startling. (Elsewhere, the CGI of birds in flight seemed a bit odd to me.) Getting on to the other animals and Earth before sin, the graphics were very impressive again.

The last few minutes of Genesis: Paradise Lost tells us why it all matters. Genesis tells us about creation, sin, and the promise of the Redeemer. The Fall was a real event with real people, and it affected us all. The gospel message is clearly presented. I'll offer a speculation: mockers will not see this film or others like it because they hate the gospel, and their worldview is threatened by the truth. They are likely to go haywire, calling us all "liars" and seeking succor from evolutionary excuse mills. I'll allow that a few may be intellectually honest enough to consider the content, however.

Although I did not mention all of the subjects that were discussed, such as paleontology, geology, radiometric dating, and others, I do recommend this movie. (My omissions were not from dissatisfaction, but in the interests of time, because this article is getting a mite long.)

There are several ways to order or view it. As I mentioned, there's the 3D option that requires specific equipment. Not everyone is into that — some people cannot watch 3D for any length of time. (I took the 2D option and still had a good viewing experience.) You can also get it on 2D DVD and Blu-Ray. I took another option that was just introduced: I bought my copy at Christian Cinema (you can also rent it from them). I hope you'll get a copy, which can be obtained from the movie site, Creation Today, Answers in Genesis, and probably others. Also, the site has several resources available, including a free discussion guide. Watching the movie with that on hand should get you thinking, old son.

Someone may be watching and shout, 'Prove it!" after every claim that a creationary scientist or theologian makes, but Genesis: Paradise Lost was not made to prove every point. Yes, evidence was presented, but not footnotes. For honest seekers of the truth, there are several creation science ministries to seek out that will provide scientific and theological evidence. The science is on our side, and in evolution is unfounded.