Canyons, Valleys, and the Genesis Flood

Uniformitarian geologists offer assumptions based on deep time presuppositions regarding many aspects of geomorphology (an expensive word meaning the study of features on the earth's surface). They cannot offer actual evidence. However, there is a rational explanation for what is observed.

Secular geologists have ideas about how canyons and valleys form, but they do not fit the evidence. Instead, observed evidence supports the Genesis Flood.
Credit: Unsplash / Jonathan Auh
During debates about the formation of canyons and valleys back in the 1800s, people wondered which came first, the valley or the water that was often found in it. Catastrophists believe that they are the result of a huge amount of water in a short time, while uniformitarians insisted that they were carved out over millions of years. Obviously, Flood geology was shouted down. After all, Darwin needs lots of time, so secularists want to make sure he has it. However, the evidence fits the global Genesis Flood models instead of secular ideas.
Continental valleys and canyons come in all sizes and shapes. Some are V-shaped valleys, and others U-shaped canyons. Some are shallow and others have tall vertical walls, like the Grand Canyon. We rarely observe valley and canyon formation taking place today and then only in association with a flooding event. Therefore, uniformitarian theories about valley and canyon formation are not built on observational science but instead upon their assumptions about the past.
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