Global Warming and Bird Habitats?

It is indeed unfortunate that logical thinking skills are not taught very much nowadays, as a great deal of bad information and even deceptions could be challenged by the public. Fallacies abound in politics, evolutionary science, atheism — and a passel of deception in global climate change propaganda.

Global warming alarmists are using bad data to claim that bird habitats are threatened. Their views are rooted in atheistic old earth evolutionary ideas.
Credit: US National Park Service (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
The global warming hysteria is a political idea that is used to manipulate people through fear and intimidation, but much of the data is fundamentally flawed. In fact, the concept is rooted in atheistic old Earth evolutionary ideas, denying that God is the Creator and he is still God. 
Ask them if we only have twelve (or ten) years to live and nothing can be done about it, why should we pay money to leftists? 

Two examples of how activists used flawed information and even contradicted themselves. They got away with getting what they wanted, and you can see an example of what happens when people "think" with their emotions. The bad guys in these instances are those in the yucky wicked evil nasty petroleum industry.
If you love birds, should you fight petroleum production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How you answer depends on whether you believe man-made global warming is threatening Earth’s climate. That crisis scenario is actually based on evolutionary old-earth assumptions,1 and constant media stories feed the fear.
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