Puzzling Planation Pediments and the Genesis Flood

Secular geologists are unable to explain planation surfaces according to their uniformitarian beliefs. These are found at the tops of mountains and such, and pediments are at ground level. They are caused by erosion, are very flat, and gradually slope down from a mountain toward a valley.

Large flat areas near mountains are pediments. These cannot be explained by secular geology, but fit creation science Flood models.
Lake Mead pediment image credit USGS
Pediments are similar to alluvial fans, and caused some confusion for geologists long ago. Planation surfaces, pediments, and other landforms are not being formed today. Some pediments are in areas that are low in erosion, so they have kept their shapes. If we plug the observed data into creation science Genesis Flood models, ye ha boy howdy, we see that they were formed by massive water runoff.
The uniformitarian ‘slow and gradual’ belief has great difficulty accounting for many of the features on the earth’s surface, called landforms. These can, however, be explained by Flood runoff.

Landforms can be divided into two main types, those shaped during the runoff of the sheet flow phase of the Flood, and those shaped during its channelized phase. I have pointed out a number of sheet erosion features in this magazine; this article refers to a channelized-phase landform, the pediment.
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