Scratch Another Fake Evolution News Report

Darwin's disciples often try to tell us that a little bit of evolution builds up to minerals-to-mocker evolution, but such a claim ignores facts of biology. It also involves equivocation on the word evolution when variations, speciation, and natural selection are observed. Such is the case in research on pigeons.

Once again, Darwin's disciples attempt to claim evidence for evolution. What they found was natural selection, but no evolution.
Pigeon on a Peach Branch by Emperor Huizong, 1108
Specifically, the research is on the pigeons: lice. That's one reason you see birds preening. Evolutionists are claiming that their research shows microevolution and that this leads to full-blown evolution. (Biblical creationists should avoid the word microevolution because of confusion and deception.) What did they find? Natural selection, a concept that creationists affirm. No genetic information was added, and the lice remained lice. They were created to adapt, not change into something else, old son.

Mayhaps those sidewinders wanted to pull another peppered moth icon, which has been soundly refuted. At least there is no evidence of outright fraud in the pigeon lice research, but this child lacks belief that the scientists were not trying to deal from the bottom of the deck.
As part of the evolutionary dogma, evolutionists are constantly seeking to bridge the gap between simple adaptation and variation and change between types of organisms. This has never been observed, despite numerous evolutionary claims to the contrary.1 However, they persist in attempting to prove their ideology, leading to studies like one published recently by a group of professors from several universities across the United States. This article will demonstrate that the study of lice on pigeon does nothing to confirm molecules-to-man evolution as one of its authors publicly claimed. Instead, while illustrating natural selection, it provides evidence that lice remain lice.
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