Amino Acids in Amber?

In their efforts to convince people about universal common ancestor evolution, its proponents continue to use circular reasoning and incomplete research. As see in other posts, amber is a mighty fine for preserving things. Amino acids have been discovered in it.

Amber preserves things exceptionally well, and amino acids were discovered in it. Scientists are using bad logic and inefficient research to force millions of years into it.
Credit: Morguefile / GaborfromHungary
Although amber preserves things exceptionally well, it is not perfect. Especially over millions of Darwin years. Proteins can deteriorate even there. Cosmic rays, temperature variations and other aspects of nature don't help matters.

Using the same bad logic that was applied to dinosaur proteins, a test involving proteins and amber was run and then extrapolated over a huge amount of time. Try as they might to get away from the truth, reason and evidence support recent creation.
If this doesn’t take the cake for soft tissue preservation: intact amino acids in amber said to be 100 million years old!

Even this one evoked a ‘wow’ response from Jon Tennant at the PLoS Paleontology Community blog. On April 23, McCoy et al in Nature Scientific Reports announced “Ancient amino acids from fossil feathers in amber.” Tennant writes,
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