More Gaia Paganism in Evolution

Humans are designed to have a knowledge of God, and this manifests itself in many ways as they try to worship something, but they suppress the knowledge of the true God (Rom. 1:18). Instead, other things are worshiped — even atheists are essentially religious. Evolutionists also express their false religion.

Evolution is an ancient pagan religion, and some evolutionists are increasing their paganism with Gaia worship. Then they call it science.
Gaea (another spelling of Gaia) by
Anselm Feuerbach, 1875
In Jeremiah 10:3-5, God is telling Israel that pagans cut down trees, carve out idols, decorate them, and nail them down. These things that they made are the objects of their worship. In a similar manner, many evolutionists worship nature. They also acts as if evolution was an intelligent being, making decisions and causing organisms to evolve. 

A variation on that is when natural selection is also deified and the religion is selectionism. This is another example of the incoherence and irrationality of atheism, as natural selection was developed by creationist Edward Blyth. Creationists accept natural selection. However, it is a culling principle, not a creative force — and natural selection is most definitely not evolution, despite what Darwin claimed after he hijacked and corrupted it.

As seen in an above link, evolution is an ancient pagan religion. The Bearded Buddha took it and his version of natural selection and made fish-to-fool evolution presentable. These owlhoots are actually taking the Earth goddess Gaia concept that Earth itself is a living thing and presenting it as science. Not hardly! That's religion, old son. 

Like the Israel's pagan neighbors that cut down trees and made objects of worship, secularists are so intent on denying the true Creator that they are making something that they can worship. Last I knew, science was supposed to be things that are observable, repeatable, testable, had predictive ability, and so on. Attempting to fuse evolutionism with more paganism doesn't pass the sniff test, as it reeks of desperation.
Organisms have many systems that work together for a purpose. For example, your heart and associated circulatory system fulfill life-sustaining functions. Human experience tells us that intentional results always indicate the actions of a volitional agent, and the Bible affirms that nature’s creative engineer is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yet, most evolutionists would not see circulatory systems as intentionally designed by God. They interpret natural phenomena through their anti-design worldview of selectionism, which envisions a substitute agent that selects for the “fittest” characteristics over time. Thus, what creationists perceive as purpose is to selectionists the unforeseen outcome of a natural selective process.

Selectionists have replaced God with nature as the volitional, creative agent behind this intricate complexity. Remarkably, the Bible predicts that exact exchange. This article will examine one selectionist hypothesis about the origin of the tight interdependencies between creatures that look purposefully designed.
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We can expect devotees of Darwin to think that perhaps we are picking on some isolated instance that can be safely ignored. Not hardly! Paganism, pantheism, and other odd religious views have been proclaimed as "science" and mixed with natural selection for a mighty long time. It is still happening.
Evolutionists keep failing to grasp the inherent illogic of their favorite explanation for everything.

Selection requires a selector. Darwin and his disciples, like Richard Dawkins 160 years later, commit the fallacy of personification by imagining that nature acts like a human breeder, winnowing out the random offspring to concentrate the desirable ones. But breeders use rational choice to reach a goal by foresight. Evolution has no foresight. If it’s selection, it’s not natural. And if it’s natural, it’s not selection. Whatever nature does is by chance or natural laws, and natural laws are mindless. Natural selection, therefore, reduces to the Stuff Happens Law, the antithesis of scientific explanation.
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