Beluga Whales Defy Evolutionary Socializing Concepts

These denizens of Arctic and sub-Arctic waters are showing that another evolutionary prediction regarding how they are supposed to bond is false. They are also known to spend time with others who are not so close in genetic terms.

Darwinists believe that creatures associate with their closest relatives, ignoring the fact that our Creator likes diversity. Belugas are refuting a Darwinian concept.
Cropped from  Unsplash / Mendar Bouchali
The predictions of Darwinists would have them being with their kinfolk most of all, but our Creator gave variety to his creatures who are not subject to the speculations of secularists. Mayhaps if they'd take off their Darwin spectacles and conduct observations  on these interesting and social mammals without faulty presuppositions, they could do better science work.
Beluga whales don’t select their friends according to what Darwinists would expect, a new Florida Atlantic University study shows. The research findings are taken from ten Arctic beluga whale ranges, including Alaska’s Yakutat Bay, Cook Inlet, Norton Sound, Canada’s Husky Lakes, Russia’s Gulf of Anadyr, and a small population by Norway’s Svalbard.
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Darwinists routinely assume that animals prioritize befriending and bonding with those whose genetic identities are closest, because Darwinists assume that animal friendships are ultimately “selfish” and aimed at preserving common genes at the populational reproductive level.
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