Seasoning Secular Geology at the Salt Range

Betcha never heard of the Salt Range over yonder in Pakistan. Me, neither, until I read the article linked below. Although it is not expensive now, it was valuable way back in the old days. This area of plentiful salt deposits had some Darwinist geologists ready to slap leather with each other over the equivalent of Precambrian rabbits.

Fossils in the wrong places have caused heated arguments among secular scientists. Those at the Salt Range support the Genesis Flood models.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Khalid Mahmood
"Why did you mention Precambrian rabbits, Cowboy Bob?"

Oh, you know. Evolutionists have said that if a rabbit was found in the Precambrian layer (which only exists in textbooks and imaginations, not reality), it would falsify evolution. According to their belief system, the fossil record is orderly, from simple to complex, and a rabbit would be too complex to be found in the Precambrian layer. But evolution is malleable — pliable — flexible — so it has no real explanatory value.

If evolution were actual science instead of a materialistic philosophy, it would have been abandoned long ago. Not only are there constant refutations and the exposing of fake news, but fossils have been found "out of order" or in the "wrong place" numerous times, supporting biblical creation science Genesis Flood models. What is a secularist to do? Why, twirl the spinnie-do thing on the Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™ to determine a course of action. The usual answer is make excuses, use bad science, and attack people who have contrary evidence. If they put nearly as much work into doing actual science as they give to denying the Creator, they may obtain productive employment.
In the raging debate between creationists and evolutionists, one buzzword has repeatedly been employed: the ‘Precambrian rabbit’. Evolutionist Dr. J.B.S. Haldane reportedly said that finding a rabbit in the Precambrian would convince him that evolution was false–an attitude also shared by famous atheist Richard Dawkins. This canard has been repeated since then by just about every evolutionist who has ever argued with a creationist. Bill Nye, in his debate with Ken Ham, also suggested that finding out of order fossils would be a problem for evolution.
Its relevance is that creationists often point out the circularity and non-falsifiability of evolutionary theory: all potential finds can be explained (or at least accommodated) by the Darwinian paradigm. This illustrates the fact that Darwinism is not empirical science, but rather a philosophical starting point that is being assumed from the outset, and from which all available data are always interpreted.
Furthermore, finds matching exactly this description have been found (and summarily dismissed) on more than one occasion. The following is a highly interesting case in point.
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