Evolutionists Misrepresenting Biblical Creationists — Part 2

In Part 1 of this three-part series, we saw that theistic evolutionists took Nathaniel T. Jeanson, author of Replacing Darwin, to task. These TEs are clearly more devoted to their promotion of minerals-to-mooncalf evolution. Instead of admitting their folly, one doubles down on his dishonesty.

After misrepresenting Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and being caught, an evolutionist doubled down with blatant falsehoods and acting like an atheist.
Weasels illustration by John W. Audubon, ca. 1846
To be intellectually honest in a debate or when attempting to refute the position that someone else has taken, it is necessary to have an accurate working knowledge of an opponent's position. This helps to prevent unintentional misrepresentation. Unfortunately, people misrepresent others deliberately when they want to promote a certain worldview — especially among evolutionists and atheists. As I keep saying, ignoring the subject under discussion to attack the person or address something else does not exactly make you look good, you savvy that?

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The screenshot above is from someone who consistently misrepresents God, the Bible, Christians, biblical creationists, and anyone else she dislikes. This tinhorn was blocked from The Question Evolution Project for arbitrary assertions, blatant misrepresentation, abusive ad hominem attacks, lying, and being incoherent. (When caught lying, she doubles down by lying more and attacking the person who caught her.) In fact, I have never seen anyone on that Page accurately represent people, arguments, evidence, etc.

It gets mighty difficult to tell theistic evolutionists and others who ride for the Old Earth brand apart from atheists. Dr. Jeanson had responses to the TEs, and one in particular has doubled down (which is typical of many atheists) with denying, misrepresenting, omitting important facts — and then accusing Nathaniel of not only misrepresenting the TE side, but spinning some falsehoods to denigrate Nathaniel. Atheists and evolutionists frequently change the subject and attack, but the attacker here has put the spurs to his incoherent (yes, that word means what I think it means) argument and is proceeding toward the cliff at full gallop.
Why do so many professional scientists (i.e., around 98% of PhDs) accept evolution and reject young-earth creation (YEC)? I have observed that most scientists are not exposed to YEC science due to the legal restrictions in the US educational system. Therefore, their rejection of YEC becomes almost meaningless. How can someone deny an idea that they’ve never engaged?
I also showed, with examples, that when a small minority of mainstream scientists are exposed to technical YEC claims, “they appear to prefer ignorance of the key scientific details.”
In extreme cases, a far more troubling explanation applies.
You can read the rest by clicking on "When Evolutionists Help Creationists Make Their Case, Part 2". For some related material on theistic evolutionists (useful whether or not you have read his books), see "Denis Alexander’s hermeneutics: heretical, horrible, and harmful".