When Genesis Flood Models Collide

As stated before, scientists who ride for the biblical creation brand are like their counterparts in the secular science industry. Not only are they educated and credentialed, but are not always in lockstep when it comes to scientific models.

Once again we see that creation scientists, like their secular counterparts, have models to support their views. Linked here is a Feedback article on the Hydroplate Theory of the Genesis Flood.
Heavily modified from an image at Pixabay by Jeff Jacobs
One major difference between the camps is that biblical creationists believe that the Bible is true, but models will come and go. Secularists have been dishonest for money and prestige. There are a few scientific models for the Genesis Flood among creationists, but the two best known are Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and the Hydroplate Theory.

Some people passionately promote the Hydroplate Theory and consider it superior to Catastrophic Plate Tectonics. However, most creationists find serious flaws with it. If it is superior, then it would be the best of the worst — sort of like the nebular hypothesis for the formation of the solar system is bad, but the others fail even more. Most creationists believe the Hydroplate Theory fails in the light of scientific evidence.

One supporter of the Hydroplate Theory rather condescendingly wrote to Creation Ministries International and told them that if they gave it more support, he would donate to them. CMI wasn't having it.
Charles L. from the United States writes:
I’ve read Oard’s critique of the Hydroplate Theory and found that it did have some good points but it is the strongest theory there is. All others are ridiculous.
I was considering donating to you and will in the future if you guys give the Theory more analysis in regards to finding your own answers you have proposed and accept the theory as the leading theory, which it is.
CMI’s Shaun Doyle responds:
To read the response and learn some Flood geology, click on "Hydroplate theory: the strongest theory?"