Soft Dinosaur Eggs Problematic for Bird Evolution

Many but not all Darwinists believe that birds evolved into dinosaurs. That concept is an assertion based on evolutionary presuppositions, not empirical science, old son. But the hands at the Darwin Ranch are all a-twitter over the discovery of soft dinosaur eggs.

Many evolutionists believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Additional evidence that this is not true has been discovered regarding dinosaur eggs, and it supports biblical creation science.
Fossilized dinosaur eggs at Indroda Fossil Park
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / S. Ballal (CC by-SA 3.0)
Since there is no evidence for dinosaur evolution (faith-based assertions are not evidence), their alleged history can be easily rewritten. Apparently different dinosaurs laid different kinds of eggs. A new discovery shows that some eggs were not like those of birds, and another egg discovered in Antarctica causes further difficulties. Also, the discoveries support claims of biblical creation science. Despite forcing the hands at the Darwin Ranch to put in overtime at the excuse mill, all they can come up with is the louche explanation akin to "it evolved" several times. Not hardly!
A pair of new studies found that some dinosaurs, and possibly some marine reptiles, laid squishy eggs. One study discovered that many dinosaurs, like turtles and snakes, laid soft leather-like eggs—not hard-shelled eggs like most birds. A second study found a massive leathery egg about the size of a football in Cretaceous sediments in Antarctica. However, they think it was from a marine reptile and not a dinosaur.
Until these discoveries, it was believed that most dinosaurs laid hard-shelled eggs, similar to birds. In fact, most theropod dinosaurs (meat-eaters) and duck-billed dinosaurs (hadrosaurs) did lay hard-shelled eggs, and possibly some long-necked dinosaurs (sauropods) too.
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