The Created Sea Cow

Sailors reported seeing mermaids, but those were written off as not only having been at sea too long, but they may very well have seen manatees, also called sea cows. If you think about them a mite, you can see that they are actually intricately designed by the Master Engineer.

Manatees are large peaceful creatures that have many features showing their design by the Master Engineer.
Credit: Unsplash / Maegan Luckiesh
Although they are gray, sometimes you'll see green algae growing on them. Seems a bit odd that sailors would mistake manatees for humans since they are rather large and spend most of their time submerged. Being mammals, they need to surface for air every few minutes. They are solitary for the most part. They eat plants, and were created to have a copious number of extremely sensitive whiskers for this task. Since they are sensitive to conditions, when algae go red tide, manatees are quick to get out of Dodge. Because the naturalism narrative is more important then reason, Darwin's acolytes tell us they evolved despite being considered related to the hyrax and elephants. Got evidence to go with those stories, Clarabelle?
Manatees are usually associated with Florida, yet these seafaring sirenians are known to migrate along the Atlantic seacoast, as far north as New York or Massachusetts, as well as along the Gulf of Mexico as far as Galveston Bay.

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They frequently inhabit warm, oxygen-depleted, slow-moving coastal waters that contain parasites (including trematodes, coccidians, and nematodes), contagious viruses, plus opportunities for flesh injuries. For these reasons, the manatee’s immune system is impressively robust.
In fact, the manatee’s immune system has been studied to discover how it is generally so strong and efficient, yet has exceptional vulnerabilities.
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