Fossil Storytime with the Friends of Papa Darwin

Regular readers know that biblical creationists encourage people to think for themselves instead of accepting any pronouncement as scientific fact. As we have seen many times, observed evidence is interpreted according to worldviews. Further, many "explanations" are actually just-so stories.

Papa Darwin has friends that like to tell stories. Today we have stories from secularists about fossils and amber.
Image credit: Freeimages / Edwin Pijpe
Paleontologists and other scientists commence to doing some interesting research, but contaminate it with their naturalistic narrative. It's almost like watching Adrian Monk say, "Here's what happened". Secularists are not telling us what happened, nothing actually scientific and verifiable, but historical fictions instead. The article linked below has discussions about narratives regarding insects in amber, huge penguins of the past, and others. In their zeal to promote Darwinism and reject Creation, some of them even contradict themselves.
Look at the fossil evidence presented here, and ask if the Darwinian stories told about them make any sense.
When a theory becomes a truism, scientists stop thinking about it. They simply refer to it as accepted truth, even if the evidence contradicts the theory. . .
Today we have Darwinism and natural selection serving as truisms. Darwinism is the lens through which everything is viewed by Big Science and Big Media. If you can back away from the Darwin fogma and look at the evidence of the following fossils with unbiased eyes, would you accept what the Darwinians are saying about them? Would you really believe the fossils are tens of millions of years old? It may be difficult to do this, but try hard to just look at the evidence without any prior story about how old they are, what they had evolved from, and what they were evolving to become. Look at them as they just present themselves to your own eyes.
 To dig into the good stuff, click on "Evolutionists Mangle Fossils with Preposterous Stories". You'll thank me later.