You were Born an Animal, So Act Like One

Classification systems are useful, but they can also be misleading. According to biological systems, we are animals. Darwinists parade this prize pony around the corral every chance they get, despising the fact that despite some similarities, humans were created separately and are distinctly different from critters. According to some of them, we may as well act the part.

Darwinists are insulting, and here are some offerings with double standards, bad logic, and overall fake science. Thinking people should be insulted.
If you think this poetry is bad, check out the evolutionary "science"
However, the tenets of evolutionary dogma are conflicting, and many of the lab-coated priests rely on the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™. Quite a few of them have no idea what they're doing, disunderstanding both science and evolutionism. Two standards, no waiting. Thinking people should be insulted when confronted with these things in the name of science.

Since we are related to apes, should we act like them when solving disputes? Some say yes, but that would mean not only screaming, but cannibalism, gang rape, and stomping young 'uns to death. People who are accused of rejecting certain information about the Wuhan Flu can say it's because we're born that way. Meanwhile, their own "science" doesn't apply to them when they reject biblical creation science because of their a priori dedication to naturalism. Fossilized jawed fish from millions of Darwin years ago had teeth. Therefore (using the logic on their planet), since we evolved from fish, we have teeth.

These and other observations can be found at "You Animal You: How Darwin Hardwired Humans". Also recommended (although it is long but has a great deal of useful information), "Differences Between Humans and Apes".