Lunacy from the Moon for Secular Scientists

It seems that our moon is trolling materialists. Secular astronomers and cosmologists have no verisimilar explanations regarding its origin, but they cling to faulty stories rather than admit that it was created recently along with the rest of the solar system.

Secularists want the moon to seem billions of years old. It is trolling them by showing signs of recent creation that they cannot explain away.
Credit: NASA / ISS / Col. Jeff Williams (usage does not imply endorsement of site's contents)
Some resort to the poorly-considered method of counting craters so they can provide Darwinists the deep time that they demand. Our moon, like others in the solar system, show that they are far younger than materialists expect — or desire. It is cooling and shrinking, which contributes to tectonic activity. Then there are the many paradigm problems caused by lunar volcanoes...

We have a couple of recent items about how the moon is putting burrs under the saddles of secular scientists and defying cosmic evolution.
The neat theories for the origin of the moon and its subsequent evolution unravel when you try to stuff long ages into a young body.
Forget what the textbooks and documentaries on TV say about how our moon became what it is today. The theories don’t work. Scientists are confused. The moon was supposed to have formed from a giant impact billions of years ago, then after some hot lava eruptions, it should have settled down into a cold, dead ball. Peter Schultz of Brown University summarizes the current feeling when he says, “There’s this assumption that the moon is long dead, but we keep finding that that’s not the case.”
Here are some recent articles about the moon, with “surprise effects” quoted.
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Rockfalls, landslides, and such tend to decrease over time because things are leveling out. There have been rockfalls on the moon, but should not have been happening comparatively recently. But this should be happening billions of Darwin years after the impacts that set them in motion. What kind of rescuing device will be generated to keep their faith in deep time?
A team of researchers used more than two million images obtained by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to construct the first near-global map of rockfalls on the moon. The map shows more than 136,000 rockfalls between 80° northern and southern latitudes on the lunar surface. Interestingly, the scientists—who were from ETH Zurich and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research—were surprised to find that even parts of the lunar surface thought to be 3.8 billion years old had experienced relatively recent rockfall events.
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