SETI Shutdown and Feral Faith

We have seen that SETI is committed, using materialistic and evolutionary presuppositions, to finding signs of alien intelligence in the universe using radio signals. Although universal common descent evolution is shambolic, somehow finding ET phoning from home would validate evolution.

One part of SETI has given up on listening in on ET phoning from home. Their entire premise is fundamentally flawed.
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Atheistic naturalism has metastasized throughout many sciences and in academia, and evolutionists have even created their own pseudoscience called astrobiology. (How they can call something a science when nothing actually exists to study is beyond me.) Some secularists hold to the bizarre belief of panspermiawhere life was seeded on Earth, one way or another, from outer space. 

Aliens refusing to contact Earth

You people want evidence of a higher intelligence from beyond this here planet of ours? Take a look at DNA. Our Creator made that, and it's clear evidence of his superior intelligence. Meanwhile, SETI organization continue to spend lotsa grotzits on wishful thinking while pretending that they are doing real science.
After two decades of crowdsourced research, the innovative SETI@home project is being closed down. For those not familiar with SETI, its name is an abbreviation for The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. For almost 60 years, they have used massive telescope arrays to search for signals of extraterrestrial life. Under various projects, they have been scanning millions of radio frequencies during this time. But they have yet to find a single coded message from space.
The SETI@home project outsourced computing power to home users by persuading them to analyze large volumes of raw data in hopes of finding information-containing radio signals from space.1 Think: eavesdropping on “ET phoning home.” According to them, “Scientifically, we’re at the point of diminishing returns; basically, we’ve analyzed all the data we need for now.”
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