Dinosaur DNA: More Bad News for Deep Time

Dinosaur DNA has been found. Add this to the soft tissues, proteins, and so forth, and the news is devastating for evolutionists.New links added at the end of the post in mid-March 2020. 

The atmosphere at the Darwin Ranch could accurately be described as subdued. Creationists have been trying to keep them honest, but evolutionists insist on their materialism and deep time beliefs despite science and logic. They have been faced with numerous refutations across the board, but what has been most devastating involves dinosaurs.

Soft tissues were found that could not possibly have lasted for millions of Darwin years. Evolutionists then had to deal with intact skin, blood vessels, and proteins. Desperate rescuing devices ensued. Katie, bar the door! Now they are faced with dinosaur DNA, and not just dubious fragments. DNA cannot last for huge amounts of time. By the way, where did Jack Horner get his doctorate? Just joshin' with y'all, he doesn't have one.

The secular science industry is committed to naturalism, and this makes it more difficult for them to find alternative explanations and more excuses. How could something possibly last for such a long time? "Wow, I guess it does last millions of years!" No. That kind of logic comes from a fundamentally flawed epistemology. While the narrative trumps the observed evidence in so many of their stories, it won't work this time. 

Alternative explanations? That's not difficult. Truth is, tissues, proteins, DNA, and so forth are nowhere near as old as evolutionists and deep time proponents want to believe. What is found over and over is evidence for the global Genesis Flood that happened a few thousand years ago. Yippie ky yay, secularists!
Deep-timers had a big enough problem with collagen and melanosomes. But DNA should be long gone. 75 million years? No way!
Could this be the last straw? For two decades now, especially since 2005, creationists have been challenging deep-timers (those who believe life is hundreds of millions of years old, and earth is 4.5 billion years old) with dinosaur soft tissue. Secular reports have been coming in regularly about soft tissue in fossils: feathers, melanosomes, collagen, various proteins, and materials in dinosaur bones that look like stretchy blood vessels and red blood cells. Evolutionists have been scrambling to find chemical mechanisms that might stabilize the molecules over deep time (see 18 Feb 2020 for latest attempt). They trot out their theories as ‘proof’ that soft tissues can survive tens of millions of years, never taking seriously the creationist critiques, which include the fact that evolutionists themselves had already predicted that soft tissues could not survive anywhere near that long.
But DNA? That’s impossible. Sorry, Jurassic Park fans; DNA degrades way too fast. Evolutionists know that.
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