We've Evolved — Now What?

Some people need to get out and experience life more. Especially those who are foisting evolutionary thinking on the rest of us. You see, they're spending so much paradigm time locked into a Darwinist mindset, they are presenting things that are mighty stupid. According to their timeline, humanity evolved, then sat around doing nothing for many thousands of years. Maybe that's why it's a "great mystery" when cities, artifacts and such are found showing not only intelligence, but ambition. Were they helped by ancient aliens? Not hardly!

Evolutionary theory fails civilization time
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Secular scientists tend to display a lack of understanding about human nature, especially the important part about being intelligently designed by God, who created us not so long ago. Our scientific and technological development ran at full gallop and we progressed a long way in a short time. But no, we were supposed to have sat around for a long spell. What for, waiting for our paint to dry?
Even stupid people don’t sit around in caves for tens of thousands of years.

Two evolutionists publishing in PLoS One need to take a refresher course in human nature. In their paper on “cultural evolution” and “technological evolution,” they posit two antithetical propositions: (1) that 100,000 years ago, human ancestors were smart enough to travel the world and share technology with other people groups, (2) nothing significant happened civilization-wise till a few thousand years ago. Science Daily describes ground zero for their story:
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