Evolutionists have Nowhere to GOE

Many of the stories used to support universal common ancestor evolution are just that: stories. We have seen many times that evolutionists presuppose many things (assuming that evolution happened in the first place), but they are piles of unwarranted assumptions. Consider the Great Oxidation Event.

Because oxygen is deadly to spontaneous generation, evolutionists must have the early earth without oxygen. Then, a disputed secular miracle occurred.
Fighter pilot with nice eyes wearing an oxygen mask
Credit: Flickr / Aviatrix (public domain)

We do like our oxygen, but scenarios for the evolution of Earth cannot allow for it because oxygen is deadly to chemical evolution (the origin of life myth). Somehow, when conditions were right, the GOE occurred. But like many other evolutionary tall tales, this needs rescuing. Some scientists think that it should be discarded, but others insist on keeping it on life support and adding material (the narrative is more important than facts and truth). All of the so-called science is nonexistent. What is worse is that because people try to justify their rebellion against our Creator and Redeemer, they believe stories that have no evidence.

The GOE supposedly represents a major turning point in evolution, when oxygen levels rose in the atmosphere (probably due to photosynthesis or anaerobic microbes releasing O2 as a by-product). Consequently, the new, improved “aerobic” microbes were able to use the energetic molecule for more efficient metabolism, and the evolutionary race took off. Eukaryotes appeared, then multicellularity, and so on. Humans would emerge in the distant future.

. . .

One solution they came up with is to say that the Great Oxygenation Event (their preferred phrase) was not so great after all. Microbes were using oxygen long before the GOE.

Another solution they proposed is that “protein evolution could help the issue.” Dan and Jagoda spent a lot of time calculating molecular clocks on microbes. Molecular clock dating assumes that organisms mutate at steady rates – a dubious, if not circular, assumption. The pair knows this method is fraught with errors:

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