Darwinian Terrorism and False Gods

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Today is September 11. Many of us remember the cowardly Islamic terrorist attacks that happened twenty years ago. This article is not intended to diminish the horror and sadness of that time, but will point out that those who serve false gods have committed acts of terror in totalitarian regimes.

I was working in the receiving area of a large office supply store when someone came to us from the front area. He told us about the planes crashing into the towers and Pentagon, and said that we are at war.

We observe the September 11 terrorist attacks. There is also the terrorism of false science promoting Darwinism, such as atheistic mass murderers.
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This jasper had a weird sense of humor and I thought it was a sick joke. When I realized he wasn't kidding, I hurried to the nearest computer and went online. Pictures were not good, and then the internet was frozen for us. I couldn't grasp the enormity of the World Trade Center, and the fact that the Pentagon was hit alarmed me.

Later, people watched far too much television. I was worried about my girl getting to wrapped up in the speculations of fear. In fact, I was driving and almost turned around when a plane went over. It could be a nerve gas attack! With more information, though, I learned that such a thing was extremely unlikely because it required perfect conditions. Like with COVID, fear sells.

When we point out that atheist regimes top the list in mass murders, some misotheists may call it the "atheist atrocities fallacy". It may be a valid claim if a Christian is using a tu quoque fallacy of, "Yeah, but you do it, too!", but when professing Christians do evil, it is contrary to God's Word. Stalin, Pol Pot, Lenin, Mao, and others have no constraints. Islamists serve a false God, and those atheistic dictators served the false gods of evolution.

In fact, their actions were consistent with their Darwinian beliefs. Stalin and others in the Soviet Union are responsible for 61,911,000 murders, and Mousie Dung tops that at around 76,692,000. While Hitler was not an atheist per se, he used Darwinian ideas for his 20,946,000 murders. I'll allow that some were strictly motivated by power, but even then, "survival of the fittest" had to be a factor. Our first article is a reprint of something David Coppedge wrote in 2005.

Rummel, who has chronicled 20th century democides, said, “I’m now convinced that Stalin exceeded Hitler in monstrous evil, and Mao beat out Stalin.”  All three dictators were committed to scientific materialism congruent with the Darwinian principles of struggle for existence and survival of the fittest. According to an article by Answers in Genesis, Mao listed two of his favorite authors as Darwin and Huxley. In a quote attributed to the Chinese communist leader on Coral Ridge Ministries, Chairman Mao said, “Chinese socialism is founded upon Darwin and the theory of evolution.” Stalin became an atheist after reading Darwin, and Hitler, though from a different end of the political spectrum, based Mein Kampf on Darwinian principles of struggle and fitness. Such ideas had become very popular among leading German thinkers in the decades after Darwin’s Origin, as documented in historian Richard Weikart’s book, From Darwin to Hitler (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004).

 I'll add that another strong book and more recent book by Richard Weikart is Hitler's Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich". To read all of this first article, see "Archive Classic: Mao Zedong Killed 77 Million for Darwin". We have one more to examine when you come back.

Darwinian terror comes in many forms. Sometimes it is suppression and repression of people who want to present flaws as well as sanitized versions of evolutionary concepts. There is obviously ridicule of biblical creation science. Darwin deniers often face ridicule by village atheists protecting their origins myths. There there are appeals to "science" that are utterly false. "Darwinian evolution can save medical science!" What they offer is worthless, or even harmful.

Occasionally a member of the Darwin propaganda machine argues that evolutionary theory is useful. Some even claim it is necessary. Such appeals try to put a happy face on the Stuff Happens Law in an attempt to correct “misunderstandings” by people who perceive Darwinism as racist, atheistic or “just a theory.” We examine three recent examples.

To read the startling truth, see "Science Needs Evolution Like It Needs Terrorism".