Secularists in a Pickle with Whopper Sand

Way, way down south in the Lone Star State is a place called Brownsville (not to be confused with the Brownsville Station). Travel a mite too far and you will reach the Rio Grande River. A couple hundred miles out East from Brownsville in the Gulf of Mexico is some intense oil drilling.

This led to the discovery geologic puzzler of what is called the Whopper Sand as oil geologists are trained to expect something completely different than what was found.

Way out in the Gulf of Mexico is big area that was discovered during oil drilling. This has puzzled secular geologists, and they found even more.
RGBStock / Roger Kirby
This Whopper Sand is extremely thick, and is too far offshore to make sense in a secular worldview. The most plausible explanation will not be found in naturalistic uniformitarian models. Biblical creation science Genesis Flood models make far more sense of what is observed.
In the last three years, Shell Oil Company has made three significant discoveries in the Whopper Sand, a massive offshore Cenozoic sedimentary deposit in the Gulf of Mexico. These new finds further extend the oil production in the Whopper Sand. Last year, a well by the oil company Equinor stretched the Whopper Sand southeast. The three Shell discoveries are about 200 miles east of Brownsville, Texas, in an area known as the Perdido Fold Belt. All three new discoveries were likely made in the Lower Cenozoic (Paleogene) unit known as the Whopper Sand.

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