Americans Succumbing to Evolutionary Indoctrination

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

A great deal of noise was heard all through Deception Pass, and was even noticed all the way down to Stinking Lake. The hands at the Darwin Ranch were celebrating, and foreman Rusty Swingset even bought both fire water and cheese curls.

This was in response to the news that people in the formerly United States embrace evolution. (At least, to some extent.) The question in a survey to which they responded was a mite disingenuous. Efforts at indoctrination were having the desired results.

Evolutionists are celebrating how more people seem to be accepting evolution. Indoctrination and deception efforts have been very successful.
It seems to this child that there would be more of a push to get people educated in science, mathematics, and basic reading skills, since our academic achievements in those areas would satisfy the Greek philosopher Mediocrates. Also, was there a concerted effort to convince people to believe in actual, demonstrable science facts? Not hardly! No, it is more important to get people to believe in fish-to-fool evolution.

The primary worldview in the secular science industry is materialism. That is not the same as desiring to possess many material things, but is instead (in a simplified form here) the belief that everything is reduced to the material; no God, no spirits, nothing. Of course, such beliefs are incoherent and cannot be lived consistently, since love, logic, consciousness, and other things are immaterial.

Evolution is foundational to atheistic materialism. Evolutionists have been trying desperately to deny the Creator and, by hook or by crook, to use evolution to guide people down the road to atheism. Efforts by knowledgeable and honest people to teach evolution including its flaws are vehemently resisted, only the gilded lily can be presented. Indeed, scientists and educators who teach the truth have been repressed many times.

A big advantage for secularists is that people are not taught critical thinking skills much anymore. Instead, they are told what to think, whereas biblical creationists try to teach people how to think.

Although I am not a fan of the Intelligent Design movement because of its limitations regarding God, they still have done some good work refuting naturalistic universal common ancestor evolution. (Not to be confused with intelligent design arguments, which ID proponents and biblical creationists both use. Regular readers have seen many of those here.) Darwin's cheerleaders lie outright about ID and its adherents, claiming that it is just another form of creationism. That'll be the day!

Kermit wonders why, if evolution were settled science, why the need for deception.
I am once again asking you (and expanding on it this time), why must evolution be maintained through deception, fraud, fake peer-reviewed papers, silencing other viewpoints, and more? After all, it's "consensus" and "settled science". Deceivers protect their anserine beliefs from serious examination.

Secularists vehemently hate biblical creationists. One reason is that we show where errors in science and logic are found in evolutionary proclamations. Another is that we put the pressure on anti-creationists. Most importantly, however, is because the controversy is not about scientific facts, but they despise the way we uphold the Word of God and show where their worldview is irrational.

What will it take to get everyone to kneel and submit to the Bearded Buddha? Mayhaps executive orders from government officials? Threats that if people do not comply, they cannot have jobs or food? Imprisonment and execution? Asking for a friend.

Here is what got me going on this here article:
A recent poll claims that “The level of public acceptance of evolution in the United States is now solidly above the halfway mark.” According to a national public opinion survey, “From 1985 to 2010, there was a statistical dead heat between acceptance and rejection of evolution  … But acceptance then surged, becoming the majority position in 2016.”

The survey asked U.S. adults if they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: “Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.” . . . It was a problem because the Darwinists felt, for a theory that had scientific consensus, the level should be close to 100 percent. . . .

. . .

One problem with the survey was the question asked: “Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals” which would include some Intelligent Design supporters who accept common ancestry. Casey Luskin at Evolution News pointed out that a more accurate question would be “do you accept unguided Darwinian evolution as the origin of all life?”. . . The results of surveys can vary significantly, depending on how the questions are asked.

To read the full article, visit "Poll Claims a Majority of Americans Say They Accept Evolution". The video embedded below has a short segment on this. It is supposed to start at 29 min. 26 sec.