Dinosaur Fossils and Flexible Nerves

Submitted for your approval. Two rather short articles involving dinosaurs, and how new discoveries add to the cumulative evidence for the Genesis Flood and recent creation. First, we will mount up and ride out Utah way.

In the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is an excavation site with the cute name "Rainbows and Unicorns Quarry". I like it when scientists have a bit of fun. In this case, the area has diverse and abundant bones, so the hyperbolic name took.

Bad news for secular paleontologists about dinosaurs is increasingly common. Evidence of rapid burial, flexible nerves in a bone. Good news for us.
RGBStock / Kevin Tuck (modified, obviously)
It looks like some cousins of Tyrannosaurs rex were out having a stroll when bam! They were buried quickly. Interesting how the scientists used imprecise terminology in their speculations about the climate in which these critters lived. That's in case future discoveries are inconvenient, then they can weasel out of the problems. Because they were buried together, these scientists assume they lived in packs. Except when they didn't. No word on masks or social(ist) distancing.
Several Teratophoneus curriei dinosaurs, which belong to the same family as the bigger Tyrannosaurus rex, have been found in Utah, USA, buried and fossilized together. According to science writer Tom Whipple, “These dinosaurs were, the scientists concluded, killed together in a single event, probably a flood.”

We agree. There you have it, the shortest article on our website!

Of course, there is more to the story. The flood hypothesis is but one of the ideas put forward by the scientists, although it is the preferred one.

To read the rest of this first article, head on over to "T. rex dinosaur relatives found buried together". Y'all come back for the next one.

The discovery of soft tissues and so forth in dinosaurs is getting to be increasingly common, especially with the development of new technology and the skills of paleontologists. It has been pointed out many times before that what is being discovered so much cannot exist for millions of Darwin years, despite claims in evoporn. No, this is additional evidence for recent creation and the Genesis Flood — whether secularists like it or not. Dr. Armitage has been examining and reporting on some mighty interesting things that get on the nerves of Darwin's acolytes.

Researchers examining the microscopic canals in Triceratops bone found evidence of soft flexible nerve fibres and their unique wrapping. The bone was the occipital condyle, a round bony projection on the skull that connects to the spinal column. In vertebrates, the connective tissue around nerve fibres contains a network of protein collagen fibres. This collagen has a characteristic double helix structure, giving it a crosshatched appearance. . . . This pattern is unique to nerve fibre sheaths.

You can finish reading at "Soft flexible nerves found in Triceratops bone". EDIT: Here is an article that was released that day after this one: "Duck-billed dinosaur has preserved skin, blood vessels, and bone cells".