Metallurgy in Old Testament Times

Believers in universal common ancestor evolution believe that humans back in the thrilling days of yesteryear were not very bright, what with having recently swung down from the trees and all. To go along with that, misotheists like to use the astronomically stupid remark that the Bible was written by Bronze Age goat herders.

That remark embarrassed a professing atheist. Someone told me illiterate Bronze Age goat herders wrote the Bible. When I challenged him to explain how illiterate people could write, he conveniently redefined illiterate

The foolish claim that the Bible was written by Bronze Age goat herders is refuted even further by the smelting of iron in ancient times.
Pixabay / Jean Louis Tosque

Those Stone/Copper/Iron Age designations are a fabrication for the convenience of evolutionary storytelling. (They may have some use related to economic practices.) The idea that the Bible authors did not know about iron is spread by sidewinders who have no knowledge of the Bible, and probably have no desire to understand or discuss it accurately. It's unthinkable that we were created by almighty God, and intelligent from the start.

History and archaeology show that people were literate way back when, and iron smelting was also done. Besides, just a bit of logic for atheists: Why does the Bible mention things made of iron when people, according to atheistic and evolutionary paradigms, should not have even heard of the stuff yet?

The Bible has been under relentless attack by the secularists for a few hundred years now. Modern scholars frequently attack historical sections of Scripture concerning creation, the fall, the flood, and Babel, but this war has battles in other areas as well. For instance, this larger war bleeds over into the secular notion of the Three Age System of “Stone Age,” Bronze Age,” and “Iron Age.” How, you might ask?

Most antiquarians—people who study ancient times and artifacts—tell us that the Hittites1 developed iron metallurgy around 1500 BC. However, Moses in the Pentateuch tells us otherwise. For instance, he tells us that iron-working actually predates the flood since Tubal-Cain forged iron (Genesis 4:22).

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